Why Should Consider Mobile-First Design for Website

By 2010, as per the CEO of Google “Eric Schmidt”, if you want to move forward, web designers should put mobile-first.

And it is true, because if you talk about the last 10 years then mobile phones have become an integral part of everyone’s lives. Nowadays, everybody completes every simple and small task through mobile phones. Whether they are seeking for an IT company or a hair cut salon.

The rise in the use of mobile phones or Smartphones means the use of the internet is increasing day by day. In terms of the 2018 Google report, 60% of web traffic is considered through mobile phones. As per Web Design Sunshine Coast, if you want to attract more customers towards your business then you should consider Mobile-first design for the website.

Mobile-First Design for Website:

Generally, it is a design strategy in which you should start sketching and prototyping for mobile-first or small screens instead of the large screen. It means that you deliver the right user experience on the right screen. It is the way through which user easily gets the content as per their needs or in the way they feel comfortable.

In short, Mobile-first design is similar to designing a mobile app that can easily be viewed on mobile phones like zooming, scrolling, and all basic functions & features working well. It is also known as an independent technical approach to building a website.

Its importance:

As motioned above, it is a process of creating websites that work on any mobile device. And provide ease to users to see the content clearly on all different screen sizes without zoom in and out. In terms of Google ranking and brand awareness, it plays an important role. This includes:

  • Mobile conversions convert more than 70% conversion as compared to desktop views.
  • The more web traffic and conversion rates, the more you likely get profit from your business.
  • Provide ease to users in download and access your content as quickly as possible.
  • It enhances user experience as well as progressive enhancement. And helps in building a strong business foundation.
  • Rest inevitably falls and makes life easier to get everything in your hand within just one click.
  • This design helps you to focus and maintain clarity on unnecessary user interface decoration.
  • Boost user experience and makes good business sense.

Principles of Mobile-First Design Website:

In terms of its principle, then it is much different from traditional website design. Some are considered below:

  1. Right Framework:

To make a mobile-first design for a website, choose the correct framework is very necessary. It means a good framework effectively enhancing the design of mobile websites. You should use a framework with columns and rows. It will provide ease to optimize every section of the screen revolution. Nowadays, most of the people make use of CSS framework bootstrap with layout options and responsive utility classes.

  1. Must consider the content:

In terms of implementing a mobile-first design, content is a key component. It is important because mobile sizes have screen size limitations. Most of you think that the longer the content is the best but it is not good. The mobile-first web design content should be clear and understand by multiple users easily. Moreover, for the best results, you should add essential information at first glance. So that users can easily examine the right information.

  1. Try to create a simple design:

In terms of mobile, upload time of the site plays an essential role. And it is the reason that the users get bad experience and leave your site without visiting it. So, make use of simple design. The more you use of the simple design of making a website, the more it will less time consuming and energy spent on programming. Moreover, forget about popup and only consider one-handed users. It helps you to easily reachable.

  1. Switch to performance:

In terms of website design, performance is considered a key component. Website performance means that your website seamlessly and easily works on smartphones without any type of hassles. Moreover, you must consider the connection speed of the website. The more users easily connect with you, the more you can get the best business profit.

  1. Contact or call-to-action:

As per Google Ads Sunshine Coast, to attract more audience to convert more conversions, it is very essential that users easily contact you. And it plays a crucial role in terms of good customer services. Add a live chat option on your website, so that if users have any queries related to your services get easily get the instant answers. Moreover, in terms of mobile devices, it will surely provide and ease instead of sending E-mail.

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