Why Does Cannabis Need to be tested?

Generally, CBD cannabinoid is a diverse chemical compound found in the Cannabis sativa plant that affects the human body. 

Cannabidiol is another essential component, which makes up about 40% of the plant resin extract. It is very beneficial for medical use such as pain and nausea relief, mental health relief and cancer reductions. Moreover, the releasing effect of some Cannabinoids is used to treat PTSD and other stress-related issues. Nowadays, the sale of CBD and its infused products is legal in 50 states. And that’s the reason several major CBD companies and industries open. Many business owners increase their sales switch to CBD SEO services

If you have been shopping online for CBD products, then third-party CBD testing is essential. Here you can quickly analyze the value of THC, CBD pesticide, undesirable contaminants, and mycotoxins. 

Two main reasons for CBD testing:

  • Consumer Safety:

Before ending up on the shelf as a packaged retail, Cannabis passes through the long journey from seeds to plants. Along the way, many contaminants are potential in it. Sometimes heavy metal in the soil can be absorbed by the roots and become concentrated in the plants. On the other hand, pesticides and other chemicals leave a dangerous effect on the plant. 

If any of the potential contaminants are present in the product, it is hazardous for human health. The only reason for CBD testing is to ensure that your product is free of contaminants and other potential consumptions.

  • Quality Control and assurance:

Another main reason for testing is to make sure that the product is high-quality and consistent. Most consumers buy online products of Cannabis and get started to take a dose, but it may have predictable effects. Cannabinoid testing helps you determine the number of characteristics about your product, such as potency and other potential containment, so that your customers know what they are getting.  On the other hand, some cannabis testing labs offer assurance tests to improve your processes and prevent yourself from common issues down the line. 

Here are some tests that are applied during CBD testing:

  • Analytic Chromatography:

This test is specially used to determine the various components that are present in Cannabis. In this process, a sample of the substance is dissolved and put over on absorbent. This absorption is done within a specific way and leaves different colors. And these coloUrs define the levels and concentration of the components. 

  • Mass Spectrometry:

This test is applied to test the level of terpenoids and pesticide analyses. It is essential for the accurate testing of Cannabis. Generally, Mass Spectrometry is an analytical technique that measures the mass of components and molecules within a sample. Through this test, you can analyze the individual rate of deflection exhibited. 

  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy:

It is most commonly known as the NMR spectroscopy technique to observe the atomic nuclei’s local magnetic field. This test is similar to Analytic Chromatography, but it shows the result in less time. This process detects changes in the magnetic field, detailing the structure of the molecule and chemical components. 

Take away: Thus, proper testing and validation of cannabis are very important to generate a clean and viable product. So, whenever you purchase CBD products online you must go through the professional laboratory third-party testing report to ensure the safety of your health!


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