Which Size Of Truck Do I Choose For My House Move?

Moving house can be a stressful situation. You don’t want to blow your budget by making the wrong choice or selecting an unreliable mover.

Many customers complaint about the truck size provided by their removalists. Indeed, some moving company turn up with the wrong size of the truck and this can obviously lead to higher removal cost.

If you have to make 2 or 3 runs, it is really time-consuming. If the movers spent more time, it will obviously rise your bill as your removalist charge an hourly rate.

As customers are not from the industry, it can be hard to understand truck and their technical characteristics.

Please find below the different kind of truck that you can choose for your house removal in Perth.

1-) Tailgate truck (or tail lift truck, or hoist)

Before talking about truck size and tonnage, it’s important to understand what is a tail gate truck.

A tail lift is a hydraulic platform at the back of the truck. This allow to lift every items in the truck easily. In case of heavy and bulky items, it is sometimes the only way to load those goods in the truck. So, if you have any specific items to move as piano. Pool table, marble, please make sure that your removalist has this equipment.

2-) 3 tons truck

It’s the most common truck used by people while moving. Indeed, you don’t need any truck license to drive it.  it’s the kind of truck you can find at any rental company as Thrifty or Hertz. The volume is generally 20 Cubic meters and perfect to fit one bedroom or 2 bedrooms. It can be used for short distance removal and hence you will have to do numerous trips.

3-) 5 tons truck

It’s the truck that generally used removalists for most of their move. It’s generally around 35/40 cubic meters and you can fir 3 bedrooms.

4) Nine or ten tons trucks

It’s the largest truck used by moving company. Its generally around 50-60 Cubic meters and its perfect for large removal, 4/5/6 bedrooms, House with sheds or workshop or numerous pot plants.

That kind of truck has to be used only if good access.

Kroos Logistics is one of the most reliable moving company in Perth. Over the years our team of dedicated professionals did move thousands of family in Perth.

Our range of services goes from the house and villa removal, apartment removalist, difficult access relocation, heavy furniture removal, fragile and antiques furniture removal, office move, business and corporate removal, packing services and junk removal.

We own three removal truck in Perth (3 /5/10 tons ) to satisfy all your moving needs.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for any fremantle removalists requirements.

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