What Is The Best Time To Take BCAA Supplementation?

If you take an interest in sports, fitness, and nutrition, you must have probably heard of the BCAA supplements. BCAA is the short form for branched-chain amino acids, a group of essential amino acids that include leucine, isoleucine, and valine. 

You would likely think what amino acids exactly are? Isn’t it? So, to clear your doubts, amino acids are essential building blocks of protein that are necessary for our body’s function, structure, and strength. 


On the contrary, most athletes and fitness freaks primarily use the best BCAA powder supplement to improve recovery standards and reduce muscle breakdown. Some studies reveal that BCAA supplements may help promote muscle protein synthesis by reducing muscle soreness. It further provides complete and faster recovery so that you can push your body all over again and get back to work. 

You know that our bodies are not able to produce BCAAs naturally; therefore, you need to get them through your diet. Some of you may get plenty of amino acids by eating:

  •   Meat
  •   Poultry
  •   Fish 
  •   Eggs
  •   Yogurt
  •   Quinoa
  •   Seeds
  •   Nuts, etc.

But what about the restricted ones? Supplementation might be necessary for the ones who fall under the second category. It is vital for various reasons but do you know what the correct timings for taking supplements are?

Let’s dive deeper into knowing the correct timings for taking the versatile BCAA powder supplements to get excellent results!

  • Before Workouts:

No matter if you have not eaten anything for several hours (train fasted), then taking a BCAA supplement before a workout can be of great value. Researches reveal that taking BCAA powder supplements might have fatigue-reducing effects, further allowing you to perform better as you would have with an initial intake of food 2 hours before exercise. 

Many of you will think not to work out when you haven’t had your carbs before training sessions. This should not be the case. If you had a decent meal last night, including carbs and proteins, then it should be enough for you to fuel your morning workouts. You can take a BCAA supplement to get that extra amino boost all over again. 

# What is the right amount of BCAA supplement that is taken before the workout?

Not going far, the right amount of BCAA supplement prior workouts maybe 5 g to 10 g of the recommended level.

  • During Training:

Taking a specific BCAA powder supplement during training may help nourish the muscles while enjoying a refreshing beverage at the same time. Taking the supplement within workouts may count towards reducing fatigue to an extent.

# How much amount of BCAA supplement should be taken during training?

You may not exceed 5 g of powder supplement before your workout, which is equivalent to one scoop of amino performance.

  • Post Training:

If you consider taking BCAA powder post-training, it would be a great way to let your muscle fibers heal faster by utilizing BCAAs. Thus, there is fast action and rapid absorption of BCAAs for muscle recovery and repair.

# How Much BCAA supplement do I need to take after training?

It might be 1 to 2 scoops of amino performance. Therefore, you may count it for 5g to 10g.

 For eliciting a positive response on your body, you should consume 5 to 10 grams of top-rated BCAA powder supplement every time. Never go out of the list. Always ensure its potency and flavor to get the best out of all. 

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