Ultimate Guide On-How to Buy Men’s Dress Shirts?

 Wow, time for shopping! But, I am confused about how to buy  men’s dress shirts.

When it comes to best men’s dress shirts, most guys consider a shirt as anything with long sleeves, a collar, and a button-up button–down the front. That’s it! Right?

Well, that’s true!

But, beyond all these things, there are several parts of dress shirts that play an essential role. Yes, it includes collar, cuffs, front style, back style, buttons, fabrics, colors, and pockets. Dress shirts with a perfect fit can do wonders for your confidence and self-esteem.

If you are still confused, this article touches on the men’s dress shirt in every aspect that provides you with the best guidance to purchase the best one. 

Let’s have a look below!

What is a Men’s Dress Shirt?

The men’s dress shirt is a type of button-up shirt with a collar, long sleeves, and wrist cuffs. It is slightly different from the sports shirts. It is specially designed to carry a jacket and tie but can be worn without one or the other or neither. It’s often looser on the body and offers a comfortable plus classic look. Plus, these types of shirts are also available in different styles- semi-formal or formal. 

– Semi-Formal Dress Shirt: It is a dressier outfit than what you’d wear to an office but not as a formal one. These dress shirts are the perfect choice for typical occasions, such as weddings, in a restaurant, or holiday parties. 

– Formal Dress Shirt: Formal shirts are generally quite fitted and have long tails. They are usually left untucked and worn more casually. Plus, formal dress shirts are worn by both men or boys and are usually paired with a jacket, collar sleeves, and a tie. 

Understanding the sartorial importance of a dress shirt is essential to buying a well-fitted one.

Let’s dive in & explore the following things that you should look at while buying the right men’s dress shirts:

The Right Fit

The most important thing that you should consider while buying men’s dress shirts. Yes, it will make or break your personality. If clothes don’t fit you properly, they’re surely not worth buying. There are different types of dress shirts fit:

– Classic Fit

– Slim Fit

– Modern Fit

– Slim/Skinny Fit

Whatever type of fit you like to buy, make sure the dress shirt is comfortable and offers freedom of movement. A perfect-fit dress shirt helps you show off your body in a flattering way.

Collar Style

The most visible style variances in men’s dress shirts are in the collars. Its job is to frame the face of the wearer correctly. Just like different fits, the collar also has different types. And each type is appropriate for different occasions, so you need to make sure your tie, cuff, and collar match the event you’re attending. It includes:

– Forward Point Collar: This style is meant to be worn with a tie at all times and a pair of denim or sports coat.

– Short Semi-Spread Collar: It is a perfect choice for dressier occasions or professional events.

– Cutaway Collar: Ideal for wide and prominent neckwear and offers an unimpeded presentation that makes it perfect for formal businesses. 

– Spread Collar: They angled outwards instead of pointing down. Plus, best worn under a blazer or suit jacket.

– Long Button-Down Collar: This style looks perfect when dressed down relative to a suit.

-Round Collar: This collar was an exclusive look for wealthy school uniforms.

– Band Collar: This style gives the nod to the eastern option and can be worn on special occasions. 

Dress Shirt Color

When it comes to dressing shirts, color is the thing that first we notice. Right? Because it can be shown off a hundred feet away and convey a message that the man wearing it is outgoing or knows how to fit in. Neither message is better than the other but, if a man acknowledges the importance of color plus its effect, he has control over what is being said. Like,

– Solid White/Blue: Prefect for office/business attire and formal events.

– Checked/Striped Pattern: Worn in more social/casual environments with friends or family.

– Multiple colors, bright colors, floral details: Ideal for weddings, informal dinner parties, afternoons at the beach.


Whether you’re looking to buy a dress shirt for office events, special occasions, or outdoor environments, it is essential to look for the right fabric. Yes, because there is a suitable fabric for different occasions. It includes:

– Cotton: Durability, moisture absorbance, smoothness, and iron-friendliness. A perfect choice for a warm sunny day.

– Linen: Absorb moisture without feeling unpleasantly damp, excellent durability, and can be worn in summer.

– Silk: Light drape and striking luster. Silk quite an unfavorable shirting fabric preference.

– Flannel: Another good choice for casual shirts.

With that being said, I hope that the above-mentioned little guide will help you to choose the suitable fit men’s dress shirts and become the next master of style on every occasion. Robert W Stolz is the right destination where you can buy perfect fit men’s dress shirts as well as best wool coats, austrian jackets and many more clothing collections at great prices. You must explore their collection once!

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