Top 6 Tips How To Jump Start Your Car with Jumper Cables?

Are you experienced that you are going for a long ride and sudden your car breakdown in the middle of the road? Well, this situation is an obvious face by those people who love traveling or doing outdoor activities.

Yes, it happens when you go to start up your car and the battery is dead. And in this situation, you are probably going to jump-starts your vehicle. This situation is mostly occurring in cold weather and you need to opt. to jump start car to start your sluggish battery.

Nowadays, cars come with different latest featured automated technology but they still run on batteries or gasoline engines. These batteries do run down or fail from time to time and often, jump-starting a vehicle is a key to getting back on the road.

Generally, the main reason for battery dead is that you left your headlights, cabin lights on, and played the stereo for too long. These things very fast drain and dead the battery and cause you to need to replace or repair your battery. Whatever the reason is, the essential is you have to be proper knowledge about jump car start.

Aesthetically speaking, there are two ways through which you can jump-start your car without any help. This includes

  • Push the car and start the engine
  • start the car with the help of jumper cables

Here are 6 steps to step guide about jump start car:

Ready? Let’s take a look!

# 1 Check the battery:

In the first step, if you experience that your car is not working properly then you must check the condition of the battery. You can easily find the condition of the car battery with the help of headlights. You just need to start your car headlights, if you experience that the lights are dim than usual it is indeed the drained battery. But if you feel the lights working then it means there is another issue that is not letting your car start. Moreover, after check this, check it by starting the car if the car cranks, it means there is something another issue instead of your car battery.

There are few other ways to check the condition of the battery. This includes:

  • Check your car battery with the help of a voltmeter.
  • To initialize that your car battery is drain or dead, you can make use of a power probe.

# 2 Get the working car closer to the dead car:

Get the working car close to the dead car with just a few inches gap. Make sure not to touch both cars. It is essential because when you jump start your car you can easily connect the jumper cable with start car battery.

# 3 Setup the jumper cables with your dead car:

As you know the battery has two terminals one is negative and another is positive. To jump-start the car you need to connect the jumper cables with both terminals with a working car. These jumper cables are very thick because it passes very high power voltage. So, it is very essential to always choose branded cables.

On the other side, these cables come within two colors such as red and black. The red wire considers positive charge and the black wire is negative. Contact them accordingly with your dead car. Moreover, for safety purpose must wrap your hand with electrical tapes.

# 4 Connects the jumper cables:

After setup, connect both cables with your dead car battery but make sure both the cars are turned off and the keys are removed from the ignition. There are a few steps about how to jump-start a car:

  • Take the positive terminal means red wire of jumper cable and connect it with a positive terminal of the dead battery.
  • Connect the other positive terminal of jumper cable with a positive battery terminal of the working car and also connect the other negative terminal with the negative terminal of the working car battery.
  • Now, connect the other end of the negative cable to a clean unpainted metal surface near the engine block.

As a safety precaution, you never touch or connect the negative jumper cable to the negative terminal of the dead battery. Yes, because it is quite dangerous and may underneath the battery.

# 5 Start the working car:

After you have connected the cables, start the working car. The normal output of a car battery is 12 volts but it reduces to 6 volts when you transferring one battery power to another battery. The car is run so that the working battery does not drain in the process. After this leave the car working for few minutes to charge the dead battery.

# 6 Start the dead car:

After transferring the power process, take a gap of 10 minutes and start your dead car. Turn on the ignition; if the battery is sufficiently charged then it will start the engine or if you experience that car is still not working then leave it for 10 minutes and charge your battery. And check it again by starting your dead vehicle. Moreover, if your vehicle is started, remove the jumper cables safely and keep the car running so that it will charge itself sufficiently.

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