Tips to Boost E-commerce Sales in 2020

Generally, every business owner or entrepreneur had a dream to expand their customer base, especially for online and e-commerce business purposes.

Most of you want to grow your business online or in terms of Digital Marketing Agency Sunshine Coast. And for growing your business you always look for the new ways that how you can attract customers, drive traffic and sales. After the year 2007 and 2019 the growth report of e-commerce has generated more than$500million revenue.

In 2020, it’s time to enhance your revenue and convert more conversions by taking your brand from one to another level. Most of you think that these things require hard & fast rule but it is not true. It depends upon the way you operate your store or the type of audience you target for sale.

Luckily for you, here are a few tips to enhance your online store sale:

Ready? Let’s considered below:

  1. Built a creative website:

The website is the first and foremost thing that plays an important role in terms of the e-commerce business. It is the source that helps you to attract potential customers towards your business. So make sure to build a great as well as a trustworthy website. It is because it excites the user to spend extra time on your website.

Tips for attractive website:

  • Always create a mobile-friendly website with fast-loading speed.
  • A website should be easy to use. It means the site not seems too complicated for users.
  • Use attractive and high-quality images so that the user makes a purchase.
  1. Maximize the shipping benefits:

Shipping benefits such as sales, discounts, offers, gifts, etc are also one of the best ways to boost e-commerce sales in 2020. When customers book their orders from your site, you send an email about order confirmation. In this email, you can attach a link of some offers, top-selling products to re-engage the buyer.

When the customer’s gets benefit shipping offers they surely come back to your site. If they like your products they make a purchase again. Moreover, you can also provide free shipping offers to old customers under valid shopping prices.

  1. Offer Live Chat Support:

If you want to increase your e-commerce sales then Offer Live Chat Support is one of the best options. These days every entrepreneur uses this strategy to get more profit. Sometimes, customers not buyyour product because they have some doubts or questions. And not getting the answer they leave your online store immediately. But with the live chat, the customers can easily clarify their queries regarding your product with your team person. It enhances their experience as well as user experience. Moreover, it will create goodwill for your Company.

  1. Social Media Platform:

As per SEO Brisbane, Social media platforms are also the best marketing ways to boost your business growth. In terms of E-commerce business, Instagram is one of the best right choices through which you can reach out to n number of customers throughout the globe. You can create a business Instagram profile and reach out to customers across the globe. After this, add eye-catching product images to grab the user’s attention. If they like your product they visit your store and purchase. It highly impacts your sales and conversion rates.

  1. Decrease Abandoned Carts:

By reducing abandoned carts you can boost your e-commerce sales as well as drive traffic to your store. As per online store sales results, there are 60% of shopping carts are abandoned. It is because visitors add items or products in “Add cart” but not make a purchase. And this is the reason you lose your 50% valuable customers. There few reasons are:

  • High-cost charges
  • Site requires login
  • High shipping and tax charges
  • Delivery too slow or take too much time

If they get the same things from another store within effective cost charges, they left your online store and purchase from somewhere else. So make sure to reduce abandoned carts and increase sales.

  1. Increase user experience by providing excellent customer services:

Last but not least. If you want to boost sale the most important thing is to satisfy your customers. It means more your customers trust your brand, the more will you sell and the more your customerwill be happy, the more your business or online store will build a reputable reputation in the market place. It increases brand awareness and attracts n number of customers throughout the globe. When customers heard good reviews about your services and products, it will automatically increase your customer retention rates as well as ROI.

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