Select The Best Material for Your IPhone Case

There are several options for an iPhone user when it comes to picking an iPhone case. But the main issue arises when it comes to knowing which should be the best material for your iPhone back cover. The iPhone back cover’s primary purpose is to offer protection which maintains the iPhone durability.

There are times when you are fed up with scrolling several options but fail to find a case made out of practically any material.

To put some light on this matter, let us look at the common materials used to construct an iPhone back cover. By doing so, you will be educated, well informed, and ready for your next red iPhone case shopping. Let us begin –

Different type of material for your iPhone Case –


As per today’s generation, everything we use or know of is made up of plastic. The extensive use of plastic is just because of its flexible nature, value, and durability. These factors make it the top pick for most case makers. The most common type of plastic used in making red iPhone cases are thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polycarbonate (PC). Have a look at the pros and cons of the material.

Pros of Plastic Case

  • Impact-resistant and high durability
  • Great budgetary value
  • Comes in an enormous range of styles and color.

Cons of Plastic Case

  • The quality of plastic can sometimes feel hollow or cheap.
  • It cannot be known as a sustainable material.
  • The clear plastic case turns yellow with time.


 Silicone is also famously known as a distant cousin of traditional plastic. It is generated from the bases of petroleum and the partial part of pure silicon. The material of silicone is also known to be highly useful as a case and beyond. The physical properties of a silicone case are to be more flexible and softer than the plastics. It is also known as an excellent shock absorber.

Pros of the Silicone case

  • A bit expensive than the plastic
  • Due to its squashy nature, it is easy to hold
  • It can come in a wide variety, such as a red iPhone case of a silicone material or a yellow iPhone case.

Cons of the Silicone Case

  • The nature of silicone attracts fuzzy hair and dirt after some time.
  • The grippy texture can easily make your phone slid through the pocket.


A leather case is known to be a worldly refinement. Unlike plastic and other manufactured materials, the leather case does not fuss and holds the finest quality. The leather cases are also customized with wallet features. If you are entirely opposed to using real leather, then an individual can easily opt for the multitude of synthetic options.

Pros of a Leather Case

  • Possess an eye-catching and tactile texture.
  • It effortlessly oozes sophistication from every level.
  • Easy to hold and slip into any pocket due to a bit grizzled and soft texture.

Cons of a Leather Case

  • It is quite a bit expensive.
  • The width of the material gives minimal drop protection.
  • Easily prone to scratches and tears.

In conclusion, select any one material that goes best with your iPhone model. Also, if you are not aware of how to pick the perfect red iPhone case, kindly have a look at the  “Factors Consider While Choosing the Perfect iPhone Case“.

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