Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set- Different Types & Its Features

As basic of an appliance as a wrench might seem, various kinds are meant to be applied to particular projects. There are many types of ratcheting combination wrench sets available in the market. 

Ratcheting wrench is a kind of tool that works virtually identical to a socket wrench. It has ratcheting pawls inside that lets it spin in one direction and turn the bolt in the other. Along with this, wrenches are generally either male or female.

Male wrenches are used for inserting the head like screwdrivers and other female wrenches have a socket that fits over or around the object they will be turning. Both are used for tightening and loosening the nuts, bolts, screws, and even mechanical caps and casings.

Here are a few common types of wrenches and their features:

1: Adjustable wrench:

It is most commonly referred to as a crescent wrench, these are one of the most popular wrenches available. They have an open end with a spiral screw embedded that opens or closes the crescent as you turn it. But it requires more space due to its thicker size. 


  • Best suitable for tightens or loosens the nuts or bolts.
  • Come with the moveable lower jaw for adjusting the size. 
  • Durable in working both standard and metric. 

2: Combination wrench:

It is a type of wrench that comes with both open mouth and close end. Close side loop is used for loosening or tightening the hexagonal or square nuts and the other is an open U-shape. Moreover, these combination wrenches are usually sold in sets containing various sizes. 


  • The handy and firm grip around the nuts and bolts. 
  • Available in metric and standard sizes. 
  • Best for multiple purpose use.

3: Open-ended wrenches:

Open-ended wrenches are those that have two different sized openings, one on each end. It is made of double-ended with differing size openings for opposite faces of bolts or nuts. These kinds of wrenches give you super ease in turning accessible nuts.


  • Metric and standard sizes.
  • Best suitable for loosening and tightening hard-to-reach nuts and bolts.
  • Flex handle model provides ease of working at different angles. 

4: Socket wrenches:

These are the kind of wrenches that come with different shapes and sizes sockets (Hollow Cylinder). These sockets are attached to the end of the handle as per bolt or nut size for tightening and loosening it. Sockets are detachable, you can easily use it , adjust it or remove it. 


  • Available with multiple sockets with different sizes and shapes.
  • Perfect suitable for use in open as well as tight space. 
  • Have speed and efficiency that can be used at many angels.  

5: Stubby wrenches:

These kinds of wrenches are short body and best suitable for electrical, technical, and mechanical purposes. These wrenches require more space to rotate due to its thin size. 


  • Best suitable for tightening and loosen fastening hardware.
  • Comes with metric as well as standard sizes.
  • Have long-handled as compared to other wrenches.
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