Pump Up Your Arms With Dumbbells!

Dumbbells seem as if they are designed for arm workouts. It isn’t about cranking out biceps curls to build up your arms in the fastest way.

Biceps may primarily be responsible for explosive arm strength, making it essential to train these muscles with utmost care. Having targeted training with 7kg dumbbells that focus on free weights may be ideal. It may tone up the biceps and activate a host of other stabilization muscles for a balanced workout experience. 

Moreover, train not only the arms but also include a variety that may help tone the entire upper body and avoid any muscle imbalances. Before you start any training, make sure to perform ample warm-up. This may help you flex the muscles and improve blood circulation to the target muscle group.

Apart, you may have a healthy and nutritious diet. It should be rich in proteins that help in muscle growth and recovery. Let us not wait any longer and take a look at some of the critical exercises that everyone may add to their training to pump up their arms.

Let’s check it out!

Concentration Curl:

The concentration curl may be seen as a staple exercise for building biceps. It may tone up the muscles in the shoulders and forearms as well. The concentration curl may target the biceps. These may even help in developing strength and power. 

This exercise may sculpt the front portion of the upper arms and helps improve body aesthetics and function. You may even calculate the number of calories burned by entering your weight and duration of the exercise. 

Note* you should not wobble your arms while performing concentration curls. 

Hammer Curls:

The hammer curls may target the primary muscle groups. These include the biceps and muscles in the forearm region. The exercise may also activate deltoids and the traps found in the upper body region.

Performing dumbbell hammer curls may be effortless but requires basic knowledge of your arms’ movement. The curls may be performed by gently pressing the elbows into your sides, followed by flexing. This may have several benefits that include:

  • Stronger muscles.
  • Bigger biceps.
  • Improved grip strength.

Pro Tip* you may even perform an alternating version of the hammer curl for more isolated work experience.

EZ Bar Preacher Curl:

The EZ bar preacher curls may activate all the heads of the biceps. This may also target the forearms for a complete workout. It may offer more isolation of the biceps than the average curl. The isolation may allow maximum hypertrophy and increased strength. 

The preacher curl may be different because it does not allow the body to create any momentum when you curl the load. EZ bar preacher curls may simply give you the ability to control and keep your arms in a set position. 

Zottman Curls:

The zottman curl is a strength training exercise that may primarily target the bicep brachii. The exercise may tone a slew of muscles that are present in the forearms. You may be able to enjoy numerous benefits and make this exercise a permanent fixture in your daily routine.

The best bet may be to go with your 7kg dumbbells, but also consider the above exercises. After all, quality is better than quantity!

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