Must Have Slides In Your Creative Company Profile Ppt

We all know that how difficult it is to create a business presentation from scratch.

But if there are guidelines available to figure out these elements and things to add to your creative company profile ppt, then it all starts making sense. That’s why we have put together the must-have slides for your creative company profile ppt belowRead on to know more:

Mission statement/vision: 

You very well know that what does your company aspire to achieve as your mission is part of your brand identity. Try to cover here details about your primary customers and the places where your operations are active along with some additional information.

Company’s Brief history: 

Add a timeline slide to very simply tell your history. Put all the steps that made you reach here in a visual way that is very easy to understand. Try to always add a short paragraph for the important one.

Make sure to add both the ups and downs of your company. It will work the best as your readers will get to know that you have been through hard times, but you overcame them.

Solution Overview:

Another best thing is to do an overview of the solution you are offering before getting into more details about each of the products/services you have. Discuss the problem your solution tackles and the way it does that.

Growth and Development:

Incorporate some real facts and data to demonstrate the difference between where you began, where you are present currently and where you are heading.

It is also a good idea to share stories of the amount of effort your company did to grow. You can also share struggles your company experienced or the specific actions you took for improving if you want.

Products & Services In Detail:

Present products individually if your company has only a few of them. Try to describe each product/service from a technical point of view along with the customer point of view.

Adding pricing and offers for the products/services would be very helpful for your potential client and also for you. It will save a lot of your time and you can easily continue the discussion with only those who are interested in buying your product even after seeing the pricing.

Market recognition/position:

Make your reader aware of your market position and recognition. Add details about market size, your market contribution and the course of your industry. Remember to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Also, don’t be shy to mention any of your recognitions or awards as this will make your readers trust you more.

Show Client Portfolio & Testimonials:

Showcasing testimonials from the biggest clients will bring value also try to get a quote from a well-known person in that organization as it will help to strengthen your image without sounding too promotional.

Case studies:

A case study is a very good way to showcase your work. This means you can explain the way you worked with a particular client together, what were the challenges that you faced, and the way you dealt with them, the approach you took and the results that came.

Departments and Team:

It may be easier to present each member of the team in a startup but in the case of a bigger company showing only the ones in leadership won’t be that meaningful. It would be best to portray the image of a united company where there is the contribution of each employee.

Contact and Call to Action:

A simple push towards the next step is a must-have in your creative company profile ppt. The readers many times are not aware of what to do exactly when they finish going through your presentation, its best to give them a few ideas like

“Contact us for more information”, “Call us now”.

Put the contact info in the end where you can be found, along with your address, email and telephone number.

So it would be best to use your creativity and put yourself in the place of your customers to find out what they would be interested in. Try to incorporate these slides in your creative company profile ppt to make a good impression on your audience


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