How to Prepare for NEET PG in the last 30 Days

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – (Winston Churchill).

The above quote by Winston Churchill is the most suited quote to serve as a model of inspiration for aspirants preparing for the NEET PG in the last 30 days.  Considering the high-stakes and complexity of the exam, most of the candidates will be dealing with the anxiety and nervousness during their revision and preparations in the last one month before NEET 2020.

You do not have to be a topper in your college to be a topper in your entrance examination” – (Dr. Parveen Tripathi,  psychiatrist, and educationist).

As the date of the NEET PG Exam is drawing near, it brings with it a bundle of questions to the mind of the aspirants on how to study, which techniques to follow, and how to go about with their preparation in the last few days.  Here, are some guidelines on how to prepare for NEET 2020 in the last 30 days, to help aspirants prepare a revision strategy to crack their NEET PG Test. Follow these simple tips and keep the exam day blues at bay.

Dr. Akhil Matthew a PrepLadder student has a very interesting and inspirational story on attaining a rank from 44,000 to 54 in just 6 months. He appeared for the NEET PG exam in 2018 without any proper preparation and scored a rank of 44,000. The low NEET score motivated him to ponder upon the areas that he was lacking and realized the need for proper training for his preparation.  In 2019, he appeared for the exam again and achieved an exceptional rank of 54 in AIIMS PG with just six months of preparation.  He aims to do his MD in Orthopedics from AIIMS.

He shares his preparation strategy for the last 30 days left for his NEET PG Exam.

 “Time is subjective, keep stipulated time for each subject.  So, assess yourself and adjust your study topics accordingly. Give equal importance to short subjects, so that you can score well in those. Your success is not just based on your IQ but also the hard work and preparation you put into it.

Keep aside some time during your study for attempting mock tests. Practicing questions should go hand in hand with reading notes. Spare at least 1-2 hours for practicing questions during your first read. Make sure to attempt each question perfectly in the least time possible to improve your question understanding and answering speed.  

Revision is a must. Make sure to finish your first reading at a good pace and do not go slow otherwise you will have no time left for revision.

In the last two months, assess which subject to revise first, and which one to revise last, how many days to give to each subject, and how to distribute your time according to that”.

Dr. Akhil Matthew shares his driving force to crack the NEET PG Exam:

“My driving force was to perform well this time and not repeat the same mistakes made in the previous exam. I made sure not focus too much on the end result or the day of the exam (no negative feelings of not scoring well)”.

My advice to the aspirants would be to ‘Focus on your track’. Do not let your Mock Test results affect you. You have the liberty to make mistakes in the mock test. Treat them as an opportunity to know where you lack and improve them”.

“It’s not over till the bell rings in that examination hall”-(Dr. Parveen Tripathi, psychiatrist, educationist).

How to prepare for NEET 2020 in 30 days – Devising Strategy

Proper one-month preparation of NEET PG 2020 is very crucial for a candidate to build upon a firm foundation of three components –

  1. A self-disciplined study cycle,
  2. Multiple revisions and
  3. Regular NEET PG Mock Test

Given below are detailed guidelines about these three components which will help the NEET PG aspirants to develop an effective preparation strategy for the last 30 days before the NEET PG 2020 exam.

How to prepare for NEET PG 2020 in 30 days: Study routine

NEET will be conducted on 5th January 2020, from 12:00 Noon to 7:00 PM. Formulation of a well-planned study routine for 30 days should be a must for a NEET PG aspirant.  Doing this will ensure that a suitable amount of time is set aside for each subject.

Smart work more than hard work”-( Dr. Akhil Matthew, rank 54, AIIMS).

  • Dividing your study hours:

You must devote at least 14 hours each day to your studies interspersed with small breaks for an ideal last month’s study routine. Divide the study hours between the revisions of the NEET syllabus, NEET mock tests, and error analysis.


  • This continuous study cycle will help you to regularize a consistent study schedule.
  • This reduces stress-related indiscipline and provides ample time for revising the vast NEET syllabus and correcting your errors in just 30 days.
  • No extra Study Material:

“Stop comparing preparation sources. Stick to one source, and make sure you complete your prep source. Moreover, keep one set of notes. I used to take notes while watching PrepLadder videos. I would add extra points to my same set of notes”.-(Dr. Akhil Matthew, rank 54, AIIMS).  

  • Do not try to attempt or solve any other study materials than are necessary.
  • You can go for revision notes and online coaching modules.
  • Stress Busters:

“Breaks should not be a distraction. What you do in that break is important. Do not let your break distract or absorb you. It’s good to spend time with your family or to listen to music. The break is only to cut the monotony and the boredom. Make sure the activity refreshes you and does not make you forget your study”. – (Dr. Akhil Matthew, Rank 54, AIIMS).

  • Limit the use of social media, games, and any other distractions. Use these only for refreshments or as stress busters.
  • Be sure to use these only during your break time and cracking the exam should remain the main goal.
  • Remember to practice this restraint willingly, and not forcefully.
  • Physical exercises like running or meditation are a must during break time as it will reduce fatigue and help you to remain fresh and calm.

This detailed article will help those aspirants who are unsure about how to make the best use of the last 1 month before the NEET PG exam. Do not take too much stress and remain confident about all that you have revised and prepared.

Happy studying! All the best!

About the Author:  Mandeep Singh is a freelance SEO expert in India and a content strategist. Read more.


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