How to Decorate Your Home With Abstract Canvas Art

Everyone would agree – home decor can not be complete without art. If you are a fan of contemporary design you will probably start looking for abstract artworks. You can find an artwork online, but how do you choose one when there are so many abstract canvas paintings for sale? Here are a few tips we would like to share with you, so you are happy with your purchase.

Abstract Art

1. Decide what walls need to be decorated

Take a look around your home and decide which spaces and walls you want to decorate. Do you want to bring some colour into empty walls, or maybe style up an interesting niche? If you are decorating a small space, let’s say a corridor – go for a gallery wall. A mix of small abstract paintings always looks charming and chic.

2. Consider the format and size of a painting

Now think about the desired size of a painting. Since online galleries allow users to filter works by style and size it would definitely ease your search. Looking for art that could be hung above the bed or a sofa? Go for horizontal painting. Decorating an office or living room? Then square artworks should look good. Narrow walls and columns can be easily and nicely decorated with vertical paintings.

3. Think about preferred colours

You may be surprised, but colours of the painting do not necessarily need to match the colours of your walls and furniture. In fact, contrasts bring more vibrance and spark into the room. So don’t be afraid to experiment! If your home has white walls and black, grey or white furniture, you are free to choose anything you like, because any painting will match such a minimalist interior – from vibrantly colourful to minimalist black and white. 

However, if you have colourful walls or colourful furniture in the room, you might need to choose more carefully. The easiest way would be to look for art that has at least one matching colour. For example, if you have a mint green sofa in your living room, we would advise to look for a painting that has some mint green elements in it. 

4. Decide on a budget

Now that you know how many paintings you need, it is important to set the budget – this will help to narrow down your search as well. Think about the framing, because it will also come at extra cost. Paintings on stretched canvas do not necessarily need framing, but you might want to frame an artwork to make it more integrated in your home decor.

5. Before you buy

If you have already found a perfect painting for your walls, there are a few things you need to consider before hitting the “buy” button. If you are buying an original artwork, make sure it is signed by the artist, ideally – it should also come with a Certificate of Authenticity. Read the returns policy and make sure you will be able to return a painting if it does not meet your expectations. Please note that if the artwork is shipped from abroad, some import duties may apply, so make sure it is clear who is covering it – you, the buyer, or the seller. 

If you would like to buy abstract paintings online – visit our online gallery We offer original abstract canvas paintings for sale, created by professional artists. All artworks come with Certificates of Authenticity and are shipped worldwide.

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