How To Check If Your Stucco Needs Repair?

When it comes to the perfect finishing of the house, office, or any building, stucco is the favored material. With its durability, looks, and excellence, it is taken into consideration by many homeowners. 

Apart from vinyl, stucco may offer visual designs and make it the siding material. A professional contractor can help mold the material in different textures to enhance the appearance of your home. Generally, Vancouver stucco pro can provide the necessary services needed as per the situation. Whatever might be the reason, it won’t look good if your stucco is defective or damaged.

If you think and come across knowing that your house needs stucco repair, then thinking probably won’t work. You need to carefully inspect and do a thorough checking in and around your house.

Let’s dive deeper into discussing different signs and ways to perceive when your stucco repair calls for action!

Water Stains

If you find water stains in the stucco, it might definitely need a repair. Water intrusion may result in spots that penetrate the material. You’ll be able to see the lines somewhere around the intersection, discolouration, mould-like smell, leaks, and more. In such cases, stucco repair may become a necessity, knowing the stains forming due to water droplets did not get any place to escape. Ensure identifying the space from where the water is coming.


Another clue that your stucco needs to be repaired is if you see cracks in the surface. While it is a long-lasting material, it is susceptible to deterioration for a variety of causes. Some of them might be:

  • Hairline cracks
  • Cracks on foam trim
  • Spider cracks
  • Patterned cracks, etc.

Insects or pets might cause small cracks or gaps in the stucco. It will gradually eat away at the smooth finish and ruin the exterior’s look. Stucco cracks can also form when large objects or equipment strike the finish by mistake. High winds can also weaken the stucco, causing it to slide off with only a touch.


The moulds on a rusty surface can grow throughout the stucco and lead to broad deterioration. If you sight any rust stains on your stucco, you might call a pro to fix the issues until it’s too late. Hire contractors whenever you see them. 

Once called, they may go through the entire house to check if there is any rebar rust. The professionals can quickly identify if the rust is inside the concrete material. This is so because it isn’t visible to the naked eye.

Poor Installation

The poor installation of the stucco might be the final warning sign. The cracks on the foam trim can provide clear signs about the stucco not being correctly installed. If the seam isn’t connected, the stucco can fall or crack. Remember to diagnose the surrounding areas properly without leaving any corner of the house.

What are you waiting for? If you live in Canada, call your Vancouver Stucco Pro to get these issues fixed early without having to pay after. Just pick your phone to contact and get the best quality artistry as per your needs.

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