From Mediocre MBBS to NEET 2021. Here’s how PrepLadder can help you Cross the Bridge

The NEET-PG 2021exam is a highly competitive exam which requires rigorous training with complete concentration and dedication. We all are well aware of the reality that it is not easy to crack the exam but with hard work and motivation coupled with smart work, everything is possible.

With this said, it is very important to come up with a proper NEET-PG exam preparation strategy in order to rise up from being a mediocre student in MBBS to crack the NEET exam 2021 with a top rank. In this blog, we will talk about how PrepLadder can help an aspirant achieve his desired rank in the exam.

PrepLadder is an adaptive learning portal which offers online coaching for NEET medical exam with the help of the application which is available all over India. PrepLadder is your one stop destination to meet all your NEET PG exam related needs to get you exam ready in no time.

  1. Setting your goals: PrepLadder will help you set your goals for your NEET-PG 2021 exam preparation. The application will enable you to make a custom module in which you can select the mcq preference and the topic as per your requirement. Taking subject wise tests after completing each subject will be beneficial for you as it will help you evaluate how much you have grasped from your study.
  2. Revision: The PrepLadder has a feature that will enable you carry out your revision systematically with the help of Rapid Revision. This will enable you to carry out your NEET entrance exam revision by going through concise topics in one go. The rapid revision will enable you to carry out your exam revision in the last few months before the final exam.
  3. Notes: View handwritten digital notes along with watching high quality videos. The NEET-PG aspirant has the option of buying a hard copy of the notes which can be viewed along with watching the video or after you’ve finished watching the video. The best thing to do would be to keep one note book with all the topics added to it. You can keep adding any extra thing that you discover while watching the videos. This will help you to have a singular source book which will help you to carry out your revision.
  4. Smart study: Just studying is not enough to achieve a top rank in the NEET-PG exam. In order to bridge the gap from being a mediocre student in MBBS to a top ranker in the NEET exam, one has to do smart studying and PrepLadder helps you do just that. This is done by making medical coaching accessible to everyone at any given time.
  5. Being aware of the changes in the exam: Majority of the NEET-PG aspirants remain unaware of the changes brought about in the exam. PrepLadder helps you be aware of any changes brought about in the examination pattern by notifying the students. Thus, being your one destination to meet all your NEET-PG needs.
  6. Clearing of queries: Do you ever wish you could get an instant answer to your queries? Well, PrepLadder has a solution for the same by allowing the students to consult their respective faculty for clearing all their doubts at any given point of time. PrepLadder is the only platform that provides its premium members the benefit of having a real time connection with the faculty for doubt clearance.
  1. Mock test and discussion: With the T&D feature, a NEET-PG 2021 aspirant can easily select the topics for their test and after that they can even opt for its discussion if they wish to know the “why” to each answer. This is all available for you just a click away. Enrolling for online NEET sample papers will make you familiar with the actual NEET-PG pattern.


  1. Confidence: PrepLadder will boost your confidence to crack the NEET-PG examination with flying colors by sending you daily motivational quotes. This will help you remain mentally charged and confident to achieve a top rank in the NEET-PG exam.

Why wait any longer? When you can receive all of this with just one application. Download the PrepLadder application now on:


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