First Time Using a Removalist: Ultimate Tips

If you are kinging a house or apartment, and you decided to do it yourself, you will quickly find out that the amount of work can be huge.

Moving house is not only transporting your furniture, you will have to clean your whole unit or villa, but some packing gears, pack everything in boxes neatly, and unpack at the other end. If you have a garden, you will have to take care of it too. Furthermore, you might have to fix some broken items in your house.

Most people do all those tasks until they realized it’s really time-consuming and very tiring. Managing all those duties yourself without any workforce or skills can become a hassle.

The best option would be to use miscellaneous service providers as cleaners, gardeners, handyman, and of course, removalists.

What do you need to know if it’s the first time you used a moving company?

1-) They provide different kinds of services

Packing and furniture removal are the two main parts of the services of the moving companies.

They can pack your whole house in boxes and packaging and then move your furniture to their destination.

2-) They charge an hourly rate

Most of the moving companies charge an hourly rate. Only a few will give you a flat rate due to the unpredictable type of service. Indeed it is tough to plan how long your move will take due to your furniture size and access at both ends.

3-) Ask for insurance

Better ask your furniture removalists if they have insurance, just in case. Mistakes happen, even to the best, and you don’t want your precious cabinet or valuable white goods to be damaged.

4-) Check their online reputation

Having feedback from other customers or clients can be a perfect way to know if the movers provided good service and had no issues in the past.

5-) Don’t select the cheapest removalists

If your mover charges you less than 110 $ per hour + GST, there is a problem with an hourly rate like that. You can hardly pay your staff, insurance, and vehicle fees.

So obviously, the service quality will be lower.

6-) Word of mouth is the best option

Recommendation from your friend or family can be a perfect way to select your moving company. Indeed they already have tested the removalist and can give you good feedback on their level of services.

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