Everything You Need to Know about the Apple iPhone Chargers!!

Have you ever lost your charger and tried to use another one with the proper charging, but it didn’t work? The iPhone charger exposes a cutting-edge flyback switching power source that goes above and beyond the standard charger. It simply takes AC input and produces 5 watts of smooth 5-volt power. This is the main difference between quality iPhone chargers and other chargers.

There are many aspects to go through as these are far more different than the chargers of other brands. To help you understand clearly, here are some facts that you need to know about your iPhone chargers and accessories.

Let’s have a look!

Simple But Complex

The Apple iPhone chargers look simple from the outside, but these are opposite and complicated inside. It has detailed plans for working. The same rule applies for all Apple iPhone chargers may it be for phones or a tablet. The reason for making a big deal is that it is safe for users. It will provide excellent quality, robust and rapid charging, as well as durability, allowing it to endure longer.

There are tiny components that are in such a way to offer fast charging to users and be the best feature for the Apple iPhones.

Is there any option to use old chargers for the new ones?

You may get confused about which charger to use if there are several other Apple devices in your home. Therefore, we cannot use different chargers as they come in different sizes and mostly accept USB cables, which indicates their different levels.

You can safely use 5 watt Apple chargers with Apple watch and iPhones only if the connections fit without damaging the phone. But it would also not charge all the models.

Can Apple chargers be used to charge iPads?

Chargers would charge iPads, but the rate of charging will be much slower than expected. This is because the quality iPhone chargers come in different sizes and voltages, configured differently. These chargers are specific and intend to charge their particular device for optimal charging.

What is the best practice for iPhone chargers?

Maintaining your Apple iPhone charger and avoiding twisting the wire is the best method. Also, subjecting the cord that came with the phone is the best way to get superior charging speed. When you plug in your device with another device’s charger, it will take two to four times as long to charge your device.

Therefore, it would be best to take care of your belongings and avoid breaking your chargers and misplacing them.

Common myths about iPhone Chargers


It is okay to use a generic charger for an iPhone: several brands are usually inexpensive than an iPhone charger. Many Apple iPhone users opt for cheap cables that result in battery explosions and phones catching fire. This is because other chargers do not carry safety circuitry to prevent users from these tragedies.


Please do not use your phone while charging: it is another common myth among people. But it usually doesn’t happen as Apple products come with safety circuitry and prevent users from getting harm.


Do not charge your phone overnight: this is another myth. The fact behind Apple chargers is that when your phone’s battery is fully charged, it will automatically stop receiving charge even when plugged in.

Apple quality iPhone chargers are unique and have a special place in the marketplaces. They are made differently and have different working styles than that of other brands. These chargers are best for overall reasons.

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