Differentiate between the IMSI and IMEI?

IMSI refers to an international mobile subscriber identity, as we know that every SIM card has a unique number with a 15 digit number that used by the mobile subscriber. Based on this unique identity number, mobile companies recognize the particular user within a mobile network. Ensuring the privacy of the mobile users, the network uses a temporary number we called the TMSI (Temporary subscriber identity). Let’s see about the 15 digit number of IMSI, the first 3 digit display of mobile country code (Example: +49 for Germany), and the next two numbers display the mobile network code (Example: 15 for Vodaphone UK) and last 10 represent the mobile subscriber identification number. Within the PLMN (Public land mobile network) mobile subscriber identification number identifies the subscriber.

When we use the International mobile subscriber identity?

It does not matter which technology you are using 2G GSM, 3G UMTS, or 4G LTE, when mobile try to access the mobile network, it’s using the IMSI. For ensuring the privacy of the user, the Mobile network uses the Temporary mobile subscriber identity rather than IMSI. If you want to know your mobile IMSI, different apps are available on the Play store. Mobile operators use the IMSI for managing their service; otherwise, you don’t need to worry about the IMSI number.


1.       It is 15-digit in size

2.       Mobile network operators use the IMSI

3.       A SIM card contains the IMSI number

4.       Can’t change

5.       IMSI is attached to your SIM card and used to identify the subscriber.



1.       It is 14-digit in size

2.       Mobile manufacturing companies use the IMEI

3.       Mobile Devices contain the IMEI number

4.       Can’t change

5.       IMEI is attached to your mobile phone and used to identify the phone.


In the context of IMEI, it refers to the International mobile equipment identity which is a unique number that assigns to every mobile device. It can’t change and persist for the entire life with mobile devices. Mobile device manufacturing companies have permission to assign this number to mobile devices. If someone tries to “Unblocking” this unique number, it called the criminal offense. If you want to know the IMEI number of your mobile device, just dial *#06#. A pop message will display your IMEI number on the screen. If you lost your mobile number, with the help of IMEI, you can register the FIR.

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