Creative Presentation Ideas To Inspire

The most memorable presentations are those that inspire the people. They are the ones people remember long after. Sometimes all it takes are a few great creative presentation ideas to transform your presentations completely like:

Try to experiment with colors: It’s surprising what colors can do. The way you use and pair them can grab disinterested audience attention. Only ensure you do it tastefully keeping in mind the theme. 

Add a striking background theme:

Use your background image thoughtfully, as it’s what your audience will look at during the entire presentation. Choose a beautiful, sentimental, or action and flow picture in case you want a picture in your background.

Also, make sure your background image isn’t distracting.

Demonstrate your story with a video:

For decades presenters have been incorporating video into their slide decks as they allow you to tell your story using visuals instead of big blocks of text. 

Just be sure videos work with the rest of your presentation’s flow. It is best if they complement your presentation’s overall design theme and message. 

Add animations

Animations can bring an otherwise static design to life.

Animations are an incredible way to inspire and engage your audience, but just ensure to use them sparingly and as a complement to your story.

Avoid bulleted lists:

Most presentations consist of individual slides having a list of bulleted points that the presenter can read through and explain. This is known as passive learning. Great presentations these days revolve around active learning, creating conversations using imagery and interactions. Replace bullet points with visuals to engage your listeners. 

Become social:

Promote interaction and participation beyond the boundaries of one room while presenting. It would be best if you add your message or brand a hashtag, and showcase it throughout your presentation. Encouraging your audience to live-tweet during your talk using your hashtag will be another great idea. This not only allows you to continue the discussion online but also shares your message with a broader audience.

As the world is not flat, so should not be your presentations. Try to play around with these compelling presentation ideas by stepping outside your comfort zone. Also do let us know what all tips you took up from here to use in your presentations. What was your audience’s response after that? Share your story with us in the comment section down below. All the best!

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