Conceptual Orthopedics- An app for Ortho Residents and Practitioners

A road to learning that never ends

Let’s take you on a never-ending journey of learning. We believe in the motto that learning never ends in the life of a medical professional. So, to live up to the motto, we bring to you the Conceptual Orthopedics application, which is an online educational, learning platform where distinguished educators that have teaching experience of more than 30 years led by notable and acclaimed Prof. Dr. S.M. Tuli, Prof. Dr. Sudhir Kumar, Prof. Dr. Anil Dhal, Dr. Mathew Varghese, Prof. Dr. V. B. Bhasin and many more leading Orthopedicians work in unison to create educational content that is coherent, current, clear and most importantly conceptual.

This is the best orthopedic educational platform for all the residents and practitioners that wish to refine, enhance their knowledge and skills; anytime, anywhere. Like we say that “Learning never ends”, so this is the best platform for practitioners to keep themselves up to date with the changing trends and innovations in the branch of Orthopedics.

A glimpse into our Vision:

We at Conceptual Orthopedics have the vision to build an excellent online learning platform and to make that vision a reality, we have joined hands with the biggest legends of Orthopedics who have worked in unison with Dr. Apurv Mehra, who is one of the renowned faculties in the Medical World. The Legends along with Team PrepLadder have worked hard and brought this vision into reality.

Who are the Legends?

Let us introduce you to the Legends who have played a major role in formulating the very concept of this app, and leading to its success.

Dr. Apurv Mehra

  • ‘Best Orthopedic Faculty’, and ‘Most Trusted Orthopedician’ of Delhi
  • An exceptional author of the book ‘Magic Book of Orthopedics’.
  • Founder and Director of Vidya Jeevan Ortho Pedics Centre

Prof. Dr. S.M. Tuli

  • Father of Bone and Joint Tuberculosis
  • Head of Department Orthopedics VIMHANS Niyati Hospital Delhi

Prof. Dr. Sudhir Kumar

  • Ex-Director Professor & Head of Department Orthopedics, UCMS & GTB Delhi

Prof. Dr. Anil Dhal

  • Ex Director Professor and Head of Department of Maulana Azad Medical College Delhi

Prof. Dr. Mathew Varghese

  • Honored by Bill Gates as ‘One of the Five Saviours of World’.
  • HEAD of Department Orthopedics St. Stephans Hospital Delhi

Prof. Dr. V.B. Bhasin

  • Head of Department Orthopedics Sir Gangaram Hospital Delhi

Prof. Dr. Shantaram Shetty

  • Pro Chancellor NITTE University Chairman Tejasvini Hospital Mangalore

What does Conceptual Orthopedics have in store for you?

Conceptual Orthopedics brings for you a wide range of :

  • Clinical cases and Presentations
  • HD Video Lectures
  • Viva Q & A – Simulations and Integrated
  • Case Discussions
  • Surgeries
  • MCQ Exam Videos
  • Theory- Case Notes
  • Theory- Q&A
  • Theory-Q Bank
  • Ask the expert

Conceptual Orthopedics Application- Best from the rest

Following a conceptual mode of learning is one of the major factors that makes the Conceptual Orthopedics application stand out of the crowd in the branch of Orthopedics.

Our main aim at Conceptual Orthopedics is to provide a clear and practical mode of learning to residents and practitioners with the help of:

  1. Complete HD Video Lectures which have been made by the Legends who have more than 35 years of experience as MS or DNB orthopedics examiners.
  2. Live demonstrations of clinical examination of each system by Orthopedics Veterans.
  3. Orthopedic case presentations and live interpretation of clinical Signs in Patients.
  4. Detailed step-wise surgery demonstration by leading Orthopedic Surgeons directly from the operation theatre.
  5. Theory and Practical case discussions amongst teachers on important cases in orthopedics.
  6. Complete question bank of the frequently asked viva questions in the Orthopedic practical exams along with the correct answers.
  7. Detailed videos of MCQ questions explained by Dr. Apurv Mehra to help you prepare for your exams.
  8. Clear all of your doubts by receiving authentic answers from the veterans of orthopedics.
  9. Complied important theory case notes which will be beneficial for exam purposes.
  10. A high yielding, fully- verified question bank of Orthopedics that will enable you to practice important questions well.

  11. Important questions and answers for the Orthopedics theory exam preparation.

Why wait any longer? When you can make the most of the best orthopedic application that has the best content created by the Legends who have expertise in the medical field. Hurry! Enroll now! Register for the Inaugural Offer & Save Upto 50%.

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