Best Credit Card Affiliate Program

Credit cards are a go-to payment option for most Americans whether you have to buy groceries, pay for gas, or shop online.

With 1.06 billion cards in circulation, the percentage of credit card users has gone up by 70% and America is on a road to becoming a cashless society.

On the other hand, the affiliate marketing industry has seen explosive growth since the 2010s. 

As the total affiliate industry marketing spend has doubled up from what it was in 2017.

So as the popularity of both credit cards and affiliate marketing is on the rise, this is the best time to join a credit card affiliate program or network and start generating commissions. 

Though promoting credit cards is a competitive niche yet it offers generous commissions if a lead converts through your link. 

With rising demand, this niche still has room for new affiliate marketers.  

Credit Cards Affiliate Programs

Best Credit Cards Affiliate Programs

These affiliate programs are set up by individual credit card companies who want to get affiliates on board to help them bring clients who can buy their credit cards. 

All credit card companies have their affiliate programs but most of them register themselves with one or more credit card affiliate networks to promote their programs.

For example to promote American Express credit card you need to join a network like Commission Soup or Flex Offers. 

Below I’ve listed some well-known affiliate programs with their payouts per sale.

Amex- American Express – $200

Capital Bank – Open Sky Credit Card – $25

Experian – Up to $100

Petal Visa Card – $36

USAA Credit Cards – $25

Luxury Cards – $405

Scotia Bank Credit Cards – $70

Upgrade Credit Cards – $60

Avianca LifeMiles Credit Card – $200

Milestone Gold Credit Card – $35

Sam’s Club Credit Card – $67.50

The Capital One Capital One Quicksilver Card – $100

How To Pick The Best Credit Card To Promote?

  • Pick the one with longer cookie durations, high payouts, and lower payment thresholds. The standard payouts are $25 to $100.
  • Provides you with marketing tools like email swipe files, images, ads, etc, and one-on-one affiliate support.
  • Has a longer cookie duration. 

Promoting a credit card is like promoting any other affiliate product. 

Do your due diligence, find the credit card which suits your niche and audience, and start making money online. 

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