All About The Brass Lion Gin in Singapore!

Cheers with gin! The patriotic reason to say cheers with gin is that it is made in Singapore’s version of juniper flavored spirit. This is the world-class new gin made by a one-month-old homegrown craft distillery.

Brass lion gin combines several botanicals found in many Asian dishes like rojak, double-boiled soups, curries, etc. The citrusy and floral gin is infused with ingredients like a ginger flower, galangal, lemongrass, and many more. Most of them could be herbs and spices.

Gin has been a personal favorite of many, and you can also enjoy the enchantment of combining different ingredients to craft a unique tasting spirit. It has a versatile nature, and its flavor profile can be tweaked by adding or removing certain botanicals. 

What Is The Process Of Making Dry Brass Lion Gin?

Fruits and botanicals are sourced from markets, traditional medicine shops, and herb gardens. After hand peeling the citrus fruits, the rind is left to dry for at least three days. Then, the juniper berries are hand-crushed and steeped with a grain spirit for about thirty-six hours. 

Next, the more delicate botanicals are added into an external botanical basket, and the rest of the botanicals go with the steeped juniper berries. After distillation in the pot, the gin is collected into three batches – the heads, hearts, and tails. Mainly, the hearts are bottled or the second portion of the distilling process.

What Would Be The Most Challenging Part Of Making Gin?

The most challenging part of making brass gin is navigating the regulations of several government bodies and receiving the appropriate licenses. You may have to face many obstacles logistically to get the licenses. 

Another challenge that you may face is to find a space. The space should be centrally located and enough to fit. 

What Equipment Are Used In Brass Lion Gins Facility?

 You may acquire experience and receive an allowance for the customization of the still. The large and hybrid pots still are handcrafted and shipped from outside. An external botanical basket and column with several bubble plates are fitted to the still. 

Why Is There A Market In Singapore For Inspired Brass Lion Gin?

One of the main reasons for opening the brass lion gin market in Singapore was that it should encompass the nation’s identity. While the locals are becoming more discerning about their cocktails, it may be a perfect time to create a spirit alluding to history and culture. 

What Is The Flavor Of Gin produced?

Brass lion gin is always made that is best suited for all the seasons, including tropical weather. It should be citrusy as well as floral with a strong backbone of juniper berries.

There are several versions available of brass lion dry gin that have a strong juniper and citrusy flavor. You may also order brass lion gin online and enjoy it at your doorstep. It is a perfect summer sipping. Enjoy the spiced aromas and the wealthiest flavors through brass lion gin!

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