7 Platforms to Shop Online With Friends

You like shopping a lot. Of course, everyone does!

When it comes to shopping with your full circle of friends, everyone wants to enjoy it. Shopping is our most cherished bonding activity. Shopping together is one of our favorite things to do, and stay-at-home orders and social distancing guidelines are harshing this vibe.

Fortunately, multiple social shopping sites are right here. Yes, these sites allow people to shop together. Here, you can stay on-site to chat and share products. Apart from this, you can easily send requests to check out a page as a group or individually. Through this, you and your friends connect with the e-commerce store automatically then manage their favorite items on the Wish list page.

Here Are Some Platforms That Help You Shop With Friends Virtually:


Rex is the only engaging platform for recommendations and shopping with friends. With Rex, you can say goodbye to shopping alone. It is a chrome extension where you can further explore an extensive collection of clothes within different brands. The primary mission of this platform is to improve the online shopping experience by introducing intuitive social shopping. All you have to do is:

  • Download the extension of REX.
  • Create an account and initializing the contact lists you would like to request share products.
  • Browse the product and shop online.
  • If you want to send any recommend link to your friend, click the extension and choose a contact.

Google Shopping (CPC):

Google Shopping is an online platform that says goodbye to shop alone and allow shopping with a friend. With the highest traffic and conversion rate, the shopping site helps you find and research products from online stores across the web. You can easily find the product you would like to buy (from standard to all unique products) and recommend.


Wanelo means Want, Need, and Love is the best way to shop online with your friends on your phone. It helps you find unique products in the universe, whether it is clothing, accessories, and home goods. You can create a collection that you love or want to buy. If there are any products that you like your friend, then you can also share them on Facebook and Twitter.

The Hunt:

Have you ever found the outfit that you love or want to buy but can’t afford? Then the Hunt is another one of the best shopping sites is right here. It is a social & second-hand marketplace that allows you to shop, sell, and discover curate and influential closets at affordable prices.

The Beauty Board:

Do you love to buy makeup things? The Beauty Board is a perfect online shopping site. Here you can explore a wide range of makeup products from Eyes, Lips, or Nails. And share to your friends via Facebook, Twitter in one click.

My Zappos:

Another social shopping service platform that allows you online shopping with friends. Here you can put shoes, clothes, and accessories into your closet online. And also share your choice with friends through Twitter and Facebook.

Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe is another online shopping site for women’s shoes and fashion. From shoes to clothing and accessories, you can buy in just one click. You can immediately share what you’re looking at with one or more friends using the ShareTogther option at the bottom of the screen. Apart from this, to quickly get your friend’s opinion, you can talk with them in the chat window easily.

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